Jewel Heart is an international Buddhist organization dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism and to bringing the practice of this rich tradition to everyone in the context of contemporary life. Jewel Heart provides opportunities to study and learn at all levels of interest—from introductory meditation to advanced vajrayana practice.

Introducing the Spiritual Path

Within Introducing the Spiritual Path, all courses can be taken in any order available. Topics include an introduction to mindfulness meditation and other essential meditative practices. 

Building the Spiritual Path

Within Building the Spiritual Path, students begin with the Odyssey to Freedom, followed by The Three Principles of the Path, and then Lam Rim I. GOM may be selected at any point in this course of study.

Deepening the Spiritual Path

Within Deepening the Spiritual Path, students continue with Lam Rim II and III. Participation in vajrayana courses requires completion of the Lam Rim related topics and highest yoga tantra initiation or as noted.